Monday, December 31, 2007

Status Symbol

So I made the leap from a blogger to a podcaster this week. It's a little like the feeling of going from the nerdy table in the junior high cafeteria to accepting your nerdiness and joining the A/V club to play with all the toys. The podcast was something my friend Dan and I had been talking about doing for awhile and we finally got around to it by the tail end of 2007. We hope to have new episodes up each week, (the true test of a real viable podcaster). We manage to plan, record, edit and post it in about 5 hours (maybe that will show in the quality) but I'm shooting for less than 3 next time. I've had trouble getting the bells and whistles to work (AAC--Pictures with the podcast and getting iTunes to list us-- we're pending approval now).

If you've a got a little time to kill, check out the "Wicked Decent Learning" Podcast.

I'd appreciate any feedback people might have for us. I'd hate to slip to chess club status or hall monitor.

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