Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kicking the tires of Technology

So if you have my blog on an RSS reader, you probably got a cryptic post that said this:

"Blog about alternative reality aiming(?), featured in this week-- this month's Wired Magazine. Mentions student engagement and understand ways that students could be engaged history social(?) studies, English language art and someone using this model. listen
Powered by Jott"

Sorry about that. I was trying to use a service called Jott to blog using my cell phone. It's a great free service to use to send yourself reminders, contact a person or group of people with a voice message or email someone just by speaking into your cell phone. The problem here was that I thought I had this service set to save my blog message for me to review and not to publish it directly but I think I'd overlooked that apparently. Should be fixed now. By the way if you want to know what this message was about, stay tuned to the blog. I was going to write about alternate reality gaming (not aiming). I should have that post up next week minus the hieroglyphics.

Flickr Photo Credit thanks to RHTRAVELER

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