Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Survey tools

In my last post I planned to link to another blog post I wrote about free online survey tools. There was only one problem, I hadn't written it! I thought I had but I realized I discussed it on my podcast.

Well, if you don't feel like listening to the whole thing, here's a brief look at how some survey tools stack up with an extra thrown in since the podcast.
No limits on the number of surveys or survey questions, however you do have the limit of 250 TOTAL responses per month. Create surveys and polls but NOT self-correcting quizzes. Spell check included. Not a bad place to start out.
Only 100 responses allowed with only 10 questions allowed per survey. 15 types of questions. There you can invite or take the survey via email or web link. Make some questions required, customized reports and live results available too. Some other features like randomizable multiple choice answers are also included for free.
Polls, surveys and quizzes available. Limited to 100 responses per survey but unlimited surveys. Results are not available after 10 days. 15 types of questions, templates are helpful and spellcheck is enabled. View results online and deploy survey on web or email.

Google Docs Spreadsheet/Forms- This is a great and simple tool if you have a Google Account (which is free). First you make a spreadsheet on the service and then when you publish it, you have the option of making it a web form. You send out the link and then people just see a form to fill out. Their responses are then entered into your spreadsheet which can be graphed out like any other spreadsheet.


geoffry said...

I'd like to add one more survey tool to this list: Survey Prof. SurveyProf is a powerful survey tool especially designed for students, it offers full functionality, unlimited surveys, questions and responses for free.

geoffry said...

I miss one important survey tool: Survey Prof. It is free, has been designed for students and offers an unlimited amount of questions, responses and running time.