Sunday, December 14, 2008

Middle of Nowhere... Still a Teacher

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I haven't blogged here for awhile since I've done most of my sharing on my podcast at Wicked Decent Learning, however, I find myself in need of a platform and no one is awake at home tonight so here I am.

Tonight Physics teacher Robert Crowley from our small state of Maine, became the million dollar winner on the CBS reality series "Survivor Gabon". Much of his victory can be directly attributed to some of the very intelligent moves he made in the game (including crafting a fake immunity idol from bits and pieces of things he found around camp).

Bob was helpful around camp (building furniture and bolstering the shelter) and credits his parents with his moral compass and ingenuity.

I'm not just writing about Bob because he's from Maine, or just because it's great to see a teacher win some notoriety and cash, I'm writing about Bob because of his ability to see a learning opportunity even in the unlikely setting of a reality TV series. Bob has created classroom physics problems for his students to solve that are drawn from challenges on the show. He used his head to win several challenges by using his head. I think Bob presents educators and more importantly learners in a terrific, positive light.

Bravo Bob. I hope the you continue to inspire your students as you have inspired many watching around the world.

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